Global R&D offer a full range of electronic R&D services to match your exact project needs including:

  • Concept specification
  • Research & development
  • Analog & digital hardware design
  • Embedded firmware
  • Desktop software
  • GUI design
  • Hardware embedded algorithms and control
  • Firmware embedded algorithms and control
  • PCB design
  • Mechanics
  • Industrial design
  • Prototype assembly
  • Verifications and Testers jigs
  • Full documentation
  • Pilot production
  • Full scale production

Settling of specifications:

Global R&D helps the customer specify the requirements for the system.

Full design:

Global R&D provides the support for all the disciplines required to fulfill the specifications, including analog, digital and programmable devices (mostly only one ASIC device). Including simulation of analog and digital as needed by specific design.
Software / firmware programming for any platform.
Mechanics design as required.

PCB layout:

Global R&D places and routes the PCB(printed circuit board), with dedicated attention to all the critical lines supplies and devices, analog and digital, SMT and TH.

Testing program:

Global R&D will produce a specific testing software/jig to activate and test each single gate / transistor / part in the design, to insure that all possible failures will be detected before delivery.


Global R&D assembles prototypes and fully test them to insure the specifications are fulfilled


Global R&D helps the customer to integrate the developed electronics into the whole system, (possibly with mechanics, software, optics or other disciplines).

Pilot series:

Global R&D is able produce small, moderate and large quantities of the cards and systems we develop with very short lead-time, and with the highest quality.

Production series:

Real and complete full turn key solution:

  • Acquisition of components
  • PCB assembly (APP), soldering and QC
  • Final Testing
  • Packing, guarantee and service.
  • The cards and products we produce are fully tested, with a 1-year guarantee for each card or system.