Global R&D functions as an outsourcing R&D team that provides cost and time effective solutions for the development of sophisticated projects requiring the use of high-level technology while preserving short delivery times at a limited budget.

Global R&D has ISO 9001:2008 certification and is an authorizing supplier of IAI and MOD.

Global R&D has expertise in sophisticated imaging systems on visible, NIR, SWIR, MWIR, LWIR and thermal spectrum.
Imaging product for HLS and persistent surveillance developed by Global R&D won the first place on the Global Security Challenge

Global R&D specializes in precision positioning systems for delicate optical systems and for powerful robotics as required for HLS and defense systems.

Global R&D know how in LASER active illumination systems synchronized with precision robotic image scanning on wide imaging spectrum, allows for the persistent surveillance and virtual fencing in any environmental conditions.

Global R&D designs are targeted for any military and defense environmental conditions.
All designs and products done by Global R&D are tested to surpass all the environmental conditions, thermal humidity and mechanical vibrations and shock as required by the relevant standards.

Defense Applications

  • Ultrahigh-resolution imaging systems
  • Embedded hardware and firmware algorithm and control for ultra fast reaction times.


Award-winning 1.1Gpixel camera, with hardware imaging processing