Home appliances IOT

There is a long list of advantages that can be listed by converting today common appliances to modern IOT devices, here is a small list:

1. Know the status of the appliances:

◦ Ready

◦ Working (hh:mm remaining to complete)

◦ Empty

◦ Objects (Dishes for a dishwasher, Clothes for a washing machine) left in the appliance

◦ Error status:

▪ Electrical failure

▪ an obstruction

▪ etc.

2. Get a reminder

◦ Example: Did you forget to take out the wheat clothes?

3. Command the appliance:

◦ Examples:

▪ Washing machine: Activate drying cycle

▪ AC: Activate and set temperature to 24oC

▪ Coffee machine: Espresso please :-)

4. Get help and/or service for the appliance remotely

◦ Get extended error codes remotely

◦ Get diagnostics access to the hardware

◦ Interface the hardware remotely

◦ Update/upgrade the firmware remotely

5. Better Marketing:

◦ Offer attractive high-tech features to the clients

◦ Better MTBF → offer longer guarantee

◦ Better serviceability

◦ Perform after sale upgrades (by firmware upgrade)

The “additional” cost of the electronics can even be negative in some cases since the electronics

development with state-of-the-art technology often reduce the cost.

Therefore, we propose:

• Reduction of production cost

• Increase the MTBF

• Add useful features that also increase the marketing possibilities

• Make the system more reliable

• Increase serviceability by remote site diagnostics

• Allow remote version update/upgrade.