Global R&D functions as an outsourcing R&D team that provides cost and time effective solutions for the development of sophisticated projects requiring the use of high-level technology while preserving short delivery times at a limited budget.

Global R&D has ISO 9001:2008 certification and is an authorizing supplier of IAI and MOD. All designs and products done by Global R&D are tested to surpass all the conditions and exigencies of the most rigorous standards.

Precision positioning robotics systems

- Motor drivers (DC, Brushless, Steppers, Piezo)
- Positioning sensors

Encoders (Optical, Magnetic, Quadrature, sinus)
Accelerometers, Gyros
Force sensors (Load cells, strain gauges)

Embedded hardware and firmware algorithms for optimal acceleration control and maximal power efficiency.

AOI (Automatic optical inspection) systems

- Precise motion (see above)
- Adaptive analog sensing
- Ultra-high resolution Imaging systems
- Microscope Imaging
- Fast analyzing algorithms implementation in Hardware FPGAs special ASICs devices
- Specialized algorithms in firmware/software running on PCs, DSPs and ARM devices